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Automotive chips and components in short supply: Orders are booked through the second half of 2023

News|2022-09-02| BOBETON

According to DIGITIMES, in the news of the supply chain, the demand for automotive microcontrol units and microprocessor chips is still high, including OSAT and packaging materials, including related core parts suppliers, which have clear orders in 2023, but the specific market demand situation is not clear.

Thanks to the rapid development of intelligent electric cars, the value of power semiconductors based on IGBT modules, power integrated modules and power MOSFETs is also rising, such as the MCU chip provided by ST has gained the love of a large number of car companies. According to [sensitive word] supply chain news, some leading OSAT companies have obtained the automotive MCU back-end outsourcing orders for the next two quarters from the global IDM company, and basically determined the order project for 2023. In general, the development momentum is quite rapid. In addition to the strong demand for MCU, IGBT modules should also not be underestimated. It is predicted that by 2025, China's IGBT market space will reach RMB 60.1 billion, in the position of [sensitive word].

It has to be said that the MCU chip has always been the main force of the "lack of core" of intelligent electric cars. In the intelligent electric cars, in order to achieve a variety of functions and accurate control, almost every module or function requires an MCU chip, compared to traditional cars, for example, there is a LED lamp bead between BMW car atmosphere lights every 20 cm, and each lamp bead needs to be equipped with an MCU for dimming, which is only the tip of the iceberg of MCU applications in the vehicle. It is not difficult to see that the MCU market has huge potential and has become one of the most competitive circuits among semiconductor manufacturers.

However, due to the unusually sluggish performance of the consumer electronics market in the first half of this year, IDMs in the United States, Japan and Europe are quite cautious when negotiating MCU orders in the second half of 2023, which cannot rule out the possibility of reducing orders. But in general, the automotive microcontrol unit and microprocessor chip in the semiconductor projects are still the most hot, there are also many domestic manufacturers who are trying to enter this field, such as Yang Jie Technology, Jiejie microelectronics and oriental SEMI, among which oriental SEMI has begun to achieve the small-scale mass production of IGBT module. The next market competition will become more intense.