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Congratulation | Hongbotong Electronics won the Excellence Performance Award of 2022 Global Electronic Components Distributor

News|2022-11-14| BOBETON


On November 11, the 2022 Global Distribution and Supply Chain Leadership Summit and Excellence Performance Award of Global Electronic Component Distributions hosted by AspenCore, the world's leading media group in the electronics industry, came to a successful conclusion at the Sheraton Greater China Hotel in Futian District, Shenzhen.



This event solemnly announced the 2022 excellent performance enterprises in the field of electronic distribution, Shenzhen Hongbotong Electronics Co., Ltd. won the Excellence Performance Award "Excellent Growth Star Distributor" of ASPENCORE 2022 Global Electronic Components Distributor!


The Excellence Performance Award of Global Electronic Components Distributor was established in 2001 and has been renowned for more than 20 years. The awards recognize excellent brand distributors who support the development of the electronics industry. The awards are selected by AspenCore's global panel of senior editors and the website's user group from Asia, the United States and Europe, and the results are highly recognized and trusted by electronics manufacturers, and the award list has become an important reference indicator for the industry to select partners.



As an influential system design event in China, IIC Shenzhen 2022 is a high-end authoritative technology exchange platform for the electronics industry created by AspenCore. The two-day exhibition focused on the themes of "Sensing the world, Insight into the future", "Global industrial chain supply chain security", "Power and power semiconductors", "Industry 4.0" and "Wireless connectivity", gathering more than 100 IC design enterprises at home and abroad, well-known distributors, EDA/IP companies and upstream and downstream technology enterprises in the industrial chain to fully demonstrate the technological innovation and application achievements in the field of integrated circuits.


About Us:

We are a dynamic team, and for more than 10 years, to provide customers with a comprehensive electronic component supply chain solutions is our original intention that has never been changed!


We have established a strict supplier AVL system, conducted strict access audit on suppliers, regularly evaluated and maintained credit rating on quality management, service response, delivery control, account period and other dimensions, and maintained credit rating in the company's ERP system to ensure that every supplier meets the requirements. To ensure that the quality of every component delivered to customers is our bottom line;


The intelligent storage management system is applied to effectively control the storage environment, improve the efficiency of storage operations, make products traceable throughout the process, and create a logistics system integrating systematization, information, warehousing modernization, to ensure that every component sent out from Hongbotong is synonymous with high quality!